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Original post by: Brian Glaser ,


The post immediately following this one is a modified smoothie post processor.  The modified code turns it into a Boxzy laser post processor for Fusion360.

Copy the text of the next post and paste it into notepad.  Save the file as “smoothie Boxzy laser rev01.cps” or something  else that makes sense to you.  The only must is that it have extension “.cps”, but it is best practice to throw “Boxzy” and “laser” in the filename somewhere for searching purposes.

Save that file into the folder that holds your other post processors.  See the attached picture to open that folder.


Attached are some photos and a video of the functioning code:




PS:   The smoothie processor does a few (minor) weird things, and I didn’t mess with those.  It throws multiple (duplicate) G28 and G90 commands at both the beginning and end of the code.  I manually comment those out after processing.