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Original post by: redge ,


Better laser engraving software/toolchain?


We’ve had our BoXZY for about a year now, and while we’re fairly happy with the BoXZY Interface’s handling of 3D printing (except for the estimated completion times!) the laser engraving functionality is very basic and the path optimization is non-existent.

We upgraded the laser to a 10W 445nm diode, and more recently acquired a 10W 1064nm DPSS YAG laser for even more engraving fun, but we’re constrained by the engraving software, which really can’t take advantage of the increased laser power.

We’ve tried LightBurn and LaserWeb but were unable to get either program to properly connect to and control the BoXZY.

Has anyone managed to get theirs working with more sophisticated software for laser engraving?


Laser Engraving