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Original post by: Just Helping ,


Autodesk Fusion allows you to design a 3D model or part. This can be exported/saved as an STL file, allowing you to open it in the interface and run the slice feature, which in turn will allow you to press print and 3D print the part. The slicer automatically creates and and uploads a g-code file that tells BoXZY how to print the part. The slicer is only for 3D printing. For milling you have to use the CAM feature in Fusion on your newly created 3D model to generate a milling g-code file so it can be manually loaded into the interface. There are A LOT of features in Fusion's CAM package, so the team is going to be providing instructions on using a different CAM program for first time users to make it much simpler and help newer users learn the concepts.