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Original post by: Just Helping ,


Hi Brian,

This will be fairly simple to get resolved for you. First, based on what you said, it sounds like your platform is not level. As a note, the lasers are factory set to run on the metal leveling platform. It is very important to first level that platform or the focus will fade as the platform goes downward or upward relative to the level position.

The second issue will be overall focus. First please make sure nothing is blocking the lens. The lasers were focused to the 50.7mm position with the leveling plate installed. The interface will move the platform to the correct focal position when you enter your material thickness and press the focus button inside the BoXZY tab of the interface. However, the Kickstarter machines were not always focused properly based on variations in the Z limit height as changes were made in production. So it's not impossible your laser will not be properly focused when you use the focus button. This is very easy to remedy. To focus the laser, press the focus button on the interface so the platform drops to the correct position and install your leveling platform.  Then hit the "alignment ON" button. This will turn the laser on at very low (laser pointer level) power. Then turn the small black protruding cylinder at the bottom of the laser canister watching as the beam widens or shrinks (careful not to rotate too far the wrong direction or it will unscrew completely). If the beam begins to widen, turn the opposite direction until the beam is at its smallest diameter. If it narrows, continue rotating until the laser reaches its finest diameter. Rotate it back and forth a little at that point to find the smallest point possible. Then turn the alignment feature OFF. This will focus your laser for your machine and the correct Z height position.