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Original post by: Brian Lloyd ,


Thank you Just. (Odd name, Just Helping.) ;-)

I realized when you started talking about non-existent options that it was probably a software difference. The current Getting-Started doc branches off to Mac before anything tells you, "But you will want to get everything set up under Windows first because a lot of the options don't exist in the Mac version." So I managed to get windows going on my laptop,  went through the  setup for Windows, and everything came out just right. My "Hello World" (literally "Hello World" with an oval around it) came out quite nicely when run from the Windows software. Too bad I don't have a Windows machine to dedicate to running BoXZY. I was planning to dedicate a BBB or RPi but it looks like Linux is not well supported.

Did you guys every think of just writing the program in Java and then it would run on nearly any platform? I have had excellent results that way.

Is there a list of the G-codes for running the LASER? For that matter, is there a list of G-codes that BoXZY understands? At least I could hand-edit the G-code output.

I did try etching my "Hello World" onto black-anodized aluminum. No effect. So I am guessing I am just not delivering enough energy to the spot. I tried changing the speed and LASER power level from the BoXZY tab (under the PRINT button) but no effect. Rate and power level appeared to remain unchanged. Is there a trick?

So when is the 100W CO2 LASER head going to be ready?

I know that all material is different and color determines how much of the power is reflected, but I suspect that it is possible to figure out "ballpark" numbers for common materials and colors, and maybe identify more, "don't even try with this." Just thinking aloud.