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Original post by: Maz ,


Hi and thanks for your reply. I forgot to add that I also had replaced the usb lead with a much better quality one that is only a meter long and has 2 ferrites and is shielded, and I checked the fans recently when I replaced the motor drivers. It looks like in my last print it literally slipped a single step somewhere and while it's pretty good, this is an expensive machine so I'd still like to fix this.

Having already reduced the acceleration rates to 80mm/min is the only fix to reduce it further each time I try and print something and it fails, and then i reprint it?

The new motor driver boards have all their heatsinks attached and short of tearing apart the back of the boxzy in a somewhat more permanent way, there isn't much else i can do to increase their cooling. It's running in an office space which is 60 - 70 degrees F and ambient temp appears to make little difference. (running it today with no heating on so the large space was at 62 degrees still missed steps).

The computer running it has no power saving enabled and it was still entirely active when I returned 4 hours later.

It's essentially printing boxes (cases for electronics projects) so there should be nothing difficult in the models. Other than further reduce the acceleration or liquid cooling the motor drivers, is there anything else I can do?