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Original post by: Maz ,


I'm running the new drivers at 1/4 steps for X and Y, 1/8 for Z and 1/16 for the extruder. Replacing the original driver boards seems to have significantly inproved the performance (I'm no longer getting 10mm+ offsets mid-way through printing... fingers crossed). I have been following all of the answers and guides here, as well as the threads on the unofficial forum and everything is well lubed and seems to be moving well.

I am using linear infill.

I tried to take some photos to illustrate the problem and the simplicity of the shapes. In all of these prints it doesn't seem to have been doing at infil at the time.


this is before I changed the acceleration settings down from the stock speeds.


After setting the acc to 80 (down from 100) I got a single missed step about 1/3 of the way up the print.


This is a different part, but 2/5 of the way up you can see on the right where it missed 2 steps, so there is just a small slice of my print that has been offset from the rest.

I have a heated bed but it is entirely separate from the boxzy (not even connected to the same wall outlet) and is controlled by an independent box. Running with out without this doesn't seem to change the slippages, I just get a slightly curled up print as well when I dont use it.

I will have to look up what the XY jerk is set to tomorrow when I'm back at the office.