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Original post by: Drunken Boxzer ,


Boxzy can't do anything nearly as fast as that, but aligning should be fairly easy. Here's how I do it:

1. Load desired image into boxzy

2. Home all coordinates, then set z height appropriate to thickness of material to be engraved

3. turn alignment on and navigate the laser dot to a point on the image you want to line up.

4. Move object to be engraved to align with dot.

5. Continue selecting more locations on image you want to line up and making adjustments to material location.

6. Once you're certain the material and image are lined up, engrave away!

7. If you really need some kind of final air pass evaluation, you could select the setting "Cut Outline" but you will need to go to "edit gcode" and then replace all L100 values with L5. This will be easier if you copy all of the gcode, paste it into a text file, then use a replace all command to do it for you. Copy and paste the gcode back in (or save it as a gcode file and import it) and you can do the equivalent of an air pass.

Let me know if you have any more questions!