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Checksum errors and usb

Hi, recently got my BoXZY. I am a hobbyist and it looks like fun! My first goal is to do some simple routing projects.

I’ve finally got a compatible g code, one that I’ve successfully run on a small cheap CNC, and want to do the same thing with the BoXZY. Running the code seems to work, the head moves in predictable ways and the travel moves show up when trying a air run (but very slow refreshing. Definitely not live), but in a file with 23,724 lines, I had 47 checksum errors. The lines of gcode were resent automatically, and I think all the passes were eventually completed, but I want to know what’s up. I’m using the USB cable supplied, tried all three USB ports on my laptop (which is a current generation gaming laptop with plently or RAM, processing speed, USB 3.0 compatibility, etc), tried switching USB cables, all to no avail. What else can I try to avoid these errors?

Slightly separate question, can I use a universal g code sender with BoXZY? Rudimentary, but some of them have very straightforward interfaces. The gcode sender I currently use is Candle, but even though it says it is connected to BoXZY, none of the manual controls work (COM and baud rate are correct).

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Tried again. 42 checksum errors, other errors include:

"Warning: Seems like we missed a ok, got a wait - continue sending."

couple of those errors.

"Error: expected line 5598 gpt 5606"

couple of those errors

Again, it seems like resending is working and the air pass looks like it is completing. Maybe I should ignore these errors. Still, when running code on a machine like this to tell yourself "ok, just ignore this error" just doesnt seem right.


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Hi Doug,

Is this a brand new V1.3 device? Those errors usually indicate the software is trying to send code faster than it can be executed. It shouldn't cause any issues, it's just telling itself to wait longer for feedback. BoXZY did, howevrr, recently release a firmware update that increases the buffer size, allowing more commands to be sent over a given time period. If you're machine was purchased recently though, you likely already have that update.

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Thanks for the response. Yes the BoXZY is new, but I've found the firmware upgrade and did that anyway. Havent tried it yet to see if it fixed anything.

The checksum errors don't really bother me, the instructions are just resent. The one that worries me is "expected line # and got line ##." I don't want to lose any instructions. I noticed that there's a gcode command G4, which is like a wait command. Would it be worthwhile to insert that into the code every 100 lines or so?


OK, firmware update didn't change anything, still checksum errors. Tried adding some G4 P1000 commands every 100 lines or so, maybe helps. Not sure yet. Also tried Pronterface. seemed to work perfectly, but the log doesnt show the entire run. Nevertheless, I sat there watching the code lines run by (I like that feature) and didn't see any obvious issues.


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