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Boxy GUI reports wrong position

HI there. I’m just starting to use the Boxzy for CNCing a PCB board. This is what’s happening:

1) I home all axes. (Boxzy reports in the manual tab of the GUI X:0 Y:0 Z:0)

2) I position the head to where I want the zero point to be. (Boxzy reports X60 Y:150 Z:4.5)

3) I send the command G92 X0 Y0 Z0 (Boxzy reports X60 Y150 Z4.5)

4) I send command G01 X0 Y0 Z0 and Boxzy does not move BUT (Boxzy reports X120 Y300 Z9.0) and the preview shown is not in the correct place.

What am I doing wrong? If I try to use the built in script for parking position “P” it sends the head to the normal home position but just slams the limit switches instead of knowing where it is. This tells me it thinks it is at the wrong position of X120 Y300 Z9.

I feel I need to understand exactly where my head is at when I start a job. Haha… I mean the Boxzy head.

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Hi Paul,

If you would like to set the coordinates to 0 to match your offset, simply type “ @isathome “ into the manual control window after entering your offset. That will reset them to 0. I f you are using negative X and Y positions in your gcode, it not be able properly follow them in the display, as the display was meant for positive positioning only. You can also enter “ M114 “ any time into the manual control window which will output your current position in the log.

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I just typed a long version and posted it and it disappeared so here's the short version. The @isathome command does set the displayed coordinates to 0 but also prevents me from milling into the material because it wont allow me to move the Z axis to a negative position. Perhaps I'm thinking about this wrong. Moving the bit into the material means moving the material towards a negative Z position, correct?


Hi Paul,

That is correct, in the Z, negative would be into the material. That specific display doesn't show negative numbers as it's designed as an absolute readout for position from machine home.

I believe what you need is just to enter "G1 X0 Y0 Z0" which will return your machine back to your set home position. The home button should only be used to return to machine home. For user home, you must send it there with the gcode provided, and you can resume or start a new process from there.

When you say it won't allow you to use negative numbers, it physically won't allow the machine to move? The only time the machine should not allow negative movements is when the laser or 3d printer head are inserted. @isathome is an interface only based command and should have no power over the machine itself.


Hmm... well it definitely wont move the CNC head negatively after using @isathome, when I use the GUI to move the axis. OK, I just tried it. Although the GUI interface locks out the negative moves, I can still send some gcode (G01 Z-2) that does move the Z axis negatively. Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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