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Resources, questions, and answers, about the BoXZY Interface.

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What existing software can I use via Mac?

I've got slicer and pronterface and such things around; can I use them with Boxzy? I tried pronterface, and could issue a very few g-codes manually, but that's about it. Is the g-code vocabulary weird, or something? Really need that Mac software, 'til it's here this seems to be an expensive brick.... (very *nice* expensive brick, but still).... :)

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Simplify3D can talk to BoXZY, I wasn't able to change some of the settings for BoXZY to print with ABS or anything else until I loaded that program which allows much more granular control.

It isn't free, but it does talk to BoXZY right out of the gate. It also allows you to specify the extruder temperatures manually and other settings that BoXZY interface kept setting back to what it wanted to work at.

Right now I have BoXZY printing with a hybrid filament that is basically metal when it extrudes.

Update (03/13/2016)

Also, a free solution is Pronterface. I just published a way to use the laser etcher in the guide section. I was able to etch without the use of the BoXZY interface at all.

Pronterface can also be used to send your prints to BoXZY, you just need to slice them.

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First off, I'm not a 3D printing expert and can only speak for what's worked for me; things have generally gone smooth but don't take this comment as authoritative.

First off, when the BoXZY interface connects to the BoXZY itself, it logs this:


Given that the BoXZY itself is reporting that it's running the Repetier firmware, I would assume that anything that can speak to that type of firmware should be able to drive a BoXZY.

The BoXZY interface is a branded version of Repetier Host with pre-loaded slicer settings for the BoXZY. You should be able to install that and copy the slicer and printer settings from the Windows installation; if you don't have an easy way to get those I can provide a copy of the Slic3r and Cura engine settings. I have not personally tested this on OSX but I'm currently using Repetier Host on Linux and it's working out great.

One limitation of this approach is that you probably won't be able to use the laser functionality on OSX - so far BoXZY has only released the Windows library for that so it won't be trivially possible to get that working on OSX.

With respect to pronterface, I connected to the BoXZY with pronterface right after I unpacked my BoXZY and before the BoXZY interface was publicly available, and things generally seemed to work well. That being said I had about as much experience as you with this in that I simply moved the axes around a little bit, but I don't see any particular reason why pronterface wouldn't work.

But again, this is all from my uninformed experience - if you try out anything mentioned here, be careful. :)

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Here are few you might try... I don't have any idea whether they will work or not with BoXZY but they should have Mac compatible versions...

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I also found the G-Wizard and MeshCAM have Mac clients. They won't drive your Boxzy, obviously, but they are really indispensable tools if we can get Boxzy clients to boot.

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