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3d Printing movement speed doesn't obey settings

No matter what speed I set the 3d printer to, the carriage moves waaaaaay too fast. This is causing overextruded corners and severely underextruded walls. I have unchecked the automatic cooling option as I heard this can cause the issue, and the printer still doesn't obey my speed settings. How do I fix this?

Update (03/17/2016)

I'm using Slic3r, and I've attached the settings photos.

Update (03/17/2016)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (03/19/2016)

I'm using Windows 7 in the USA, here are the printer and laser gcode files. The printer matches the settings exactly, the laser is set to 50% movement speed, but no matter what speed I set it to it still shows F60000 weirdly enough.


G0 X105 Y49 F600000

G0 X106 F174

G0 X116.5 L100

G0 X117.5

G0 X116.5 Y48 F600000

G0 Y49 F174

G0 Y58.6 L100

G0 Y59.6

G0 X117.5 Y58.6 F600000

G0 X116.5 F174

G0 X106 L100

G0 X105

G0 X106 Y59.6 F600000

G0 Y58.6 F174

G0 Y49 L100

G0 Y48

G0 X105.5 Y49.5 F600000

G0 X106.5 F174

G0 X116 L100

G0 X117

G0 X116 Y48.5 F600000

G0 Y49.5 F174

G0 Y58.1 L100

G0 Y59.1

G0 X117 Y58.1 F600000

G0 X116 F174

G0 X106.5 L100

G0 X105.5

G0 X106.5 Y59.1 F600000

G0 Y58.1 F174

G0 Y49.5 L100

G0 Y48.5

G0 Y49.5 F600000

Printer: (had to shorten it to less than 1000 lines)

; generated by Slic3r 1.2.9 on 2016-03-19 at 19:17:06

; external perimeters extrusion width = 0.50mm

; perimeters extrusion width = 0.85mm

; infill extrusion width = 1.02mm

; solid infill extrusion width = 0.85mm

; top infill extrusion width = 0.85mm

M104 S205 ; set temperature

G28 ; home all axes

G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle

M109 S205 ; wait for temperature to be reached

G21 ; set units to millimeters

G90 ; use absolute coordinates

M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion

G92 E0

G1 Z0.200 F7800.000

G1 E-2.00000 F2400.00000

G92 E0

G1 X67.592 Y67.593 F7800.000

G1 E2.00000 F2400.00000

G1 X68.149 Y67.060 E2.02288 F600.000

G1 X68.957 Y66.440 E2.05312

G1 X69.175 Y66.294 E2.06090

G1 X70.057 Y65.785 E2.09112

G1 X70.292 Y65.669 E2.09891

G1 X71.232 Y65.280 E2.12912

G1 X71.480 Y65.196 E2.13689

G1 X72.464 Y64.932 E2.16713

G1 X72.720 Y64.881 E2.17490

G1 X73.730 Y64.748 E2.20513

G1 X74.500 Y64.715 E2.22803

G1 X90.500 Y64.715 E2.70309

G1 X91.009 Y64.731 E2.71821

G1 X91.270 Y64.748 E2.72598 F600.000

G1 X92.280 Y64.881 E2.75621

G1 X92.536 Y64.932 E2.76398

G1 X93.520 Y65.196 E2.79423

G1 X93.769 Y65.280 E2.80201

G1 X94.709 Y65.670 E2.83223

G1 X94.943 Y65.785 E2.83999

G1 X95.825 Y66.295 E2.87023

G1 X96.043 Y66.440 E2.87800

G1 X96.851 Y67.060 E2.90823

G1 X97.047 Y67.232 E2.91600

G1 X97.768 Y67.953 E2.94624

G1 X97.940 Y68.150 E2.95402

G1 X98.560 Y68.957 E2.98425

G1 X98.705 Y69.175 E2.99201

G1 X99.215 Y70.057 E3.02225

G1 X99.330 Y70.291 E3.03002

G1 X99.720 Y71.232 E3.06025

G1 X99.804 Y71.480 E3.06802

G1 X100.068 Y72.464 E3.09826

G1 X100.119 Y72.720 E3.10603

G1 X100.252 Y73.730 E3.13626

G1 X100.285 Y74.500 E3.15916

G1 X100.285 Y90.500 E3.63422

G1 X100.252 Y91.271 E3.65712

G1 X100.119 Y92.280 E3.68734

G1 X100.068 Y92.536 E3.69511

G1 X99.804 Y93.520 E3.72535

G1 X99.720 Y93.768 E3.73311

G1 X99.330 Y94.709 E3.76336

G1 X99.214 Y94.944 E3.77113

G1 X98.705 Y95.825 E3.80136

G1 X98.560 Y96.043 E3.80913

G1 X97.940 Y96.851 E3.83936

G1 X97.768 Y97.047 E3.84713

G1 X97.047 Y97.768 E3.87737

G1 X96.851 Y97.940 E3.88514

G1 X96.043 Y98.560 E3.91537

G1 X95.825 Y98.705 E3.92314

G1 X94.944 Y99.214 E3.95337

G1 X94.709 Y99.330 E3.96115

G1 X93.768 Y99.720 E3.99138

G1 X93.520 Y99.804 E3.99917

G1 X92.536 Y100.068 E4.02939

G1 X92.280 Y100.119 E4.03716

G1 X91.270 Y100.252 E4.06739

G1 X90.500 Y100.285 E4.09028

G1 X74.500 Y100.285 E4.56534

G1 X73.729 Y100.252 E4.58824

G1 X72.720 Y100.119 E4.61847

G1 X72.463 Y100.068 E4.62625

G1 X71.480 Y99.804 E4.65648

G1 X71.232 Y99.720 E4.66425

G1 X70.291 Y99.330 E4.69448

G1 X70.068 Y99.220 E4.70187

G1 X69.175 Y98.705 E4.73248

G1 X68.957 Y98.560 E4.74026

G1 X68.149 Y97.940 E4.77049

G1 X67.953 Y97.768 E4.77825

G1 X67.232 Y97.047 E4.80850

G1 X67.060 Y96.851 E4.81626

G1 X66.440 Y96.043 E4.84650

G1 X66.295 Y95.825 E4.85427

G1 X65.785 Y94.943 E4.88450

G1 X65.669 Y94.708 E4.89230

G1 X65.280 Y93.768 E4.92250

G1 X65.196 Y93.520 E4.93027

G1 X64.932 Y92.536 E4.96052

G1 X64.881 Y92.280 E4.96828

G1 X64.748 Y91.270 E4.99851

G1 X64.715 Y90.500 E5.02141

G1 X64.715 Y74.500 E5.49647

G1 X64.731 Y73.991 E5.51160

G1 X64.748 Y73.730 E5.51936

G1 X64.881 Y72.720 E5.54960

G1 X64.932 Y72.464 E5.55736

G1 X65.196 Y71.480 E5.58761

G1 X65.280 Y71.232 E5.59538

G1 X65.670 Y70.291 E5.62561

G1 X65.785 Y70.057 E5.63338

G1 X66.295 Y69.175 E5.66361

G1 X66.440 Y68.957 E5.67138

G1 X67.060 Y68.149 E5.70162

G1 X67.539 Y67.646 E5.72226

G1 X67.844 Y67.845 F7800.000

G1 X68.385 Y67.328 E5.74445 F600.000

G1 X69.156 Y66.737 E5.77330

G1 X69.373 Y66.591 E5.78108

G1 X70.215 Y66.106 E5.80992

G1 X70.450 Y65.990 E5.81771

G1 X71.347 Y65.618 E5.84653

G1 X71.594 Y65.534 E5.85430

G1 X72.533 Y65.283 E5.88316

G1 X72.790 Y65.231 E5.89092

G1 X73.753 Y65.105 E5.91977

G1 X74.500 Y65.072 E5.94197

G1 X90.500 Y65.072 E6.41703

G1 X90.986 Y65.088 E6.43146

G1 X91.247 Y65.105 E6.43923 F600.000

G1 X92.210 Y65.232 E6.46808

G1 X92.467 Y65.283 E6.47584

G1 X93.406 Y65.534 E6.50470

G1 X93.654 Y65.618 E6.51248

G1 X94.551 Y65.990 E6.54131

G1 X94.785 Y66.106 E6.54908

G1 X95.627 Y66.591 E6.57793

G1 X95.845 Y66.737 E6.58570

G1 X96.615 Y67.328 E6.61455

G1 X96.812 Y67.501 E6.62232

G1 X97.499 Y68.188 E6.65117

G1 X97.672 Y68.385 E6.65895

G1 X98.263 Y69.156 E6.68779

G1 X98.409 Y69.373 E6.69556

G1 X98.894 Y70.215 E6.72440

G1 X99.010 Y70.449 E6.73217

G1 X99.382 Y71.347 E6.76102

G1 X99.466 Y71.595 E6.76879

G1 X99.717 Y72.533 E6.79764

G1 X99.768 Y72.790 E6.80541

G1 X99.895 Y73.753 E6.83426

G1 X99.928 Y74.500 E6.85645

G1 X99.928 Y90.500 E7.33152

G1 X99.895 Y91.247 E7.35372

G1 X99.768 Y92.210 E7.38256

G1 X99.717 Y92.467 E7.39033

G1 X99.466 Y93.405 E7.41918

G1 X99.382 Y93.653 E7.42695

G1 X99.010 Y94.551 E7.45581

G1 X98.894 Y94.786 E7.46358

G1 X98.409 Y95.627 E7.49241

G1 X98.263 Y95.845 E7.50019

G1 X97.672 Y96.615 E7.52903

G1 X97.499 Y96.812 E7.53680

G1 X96.812 Y97.499 E7.56565

G1 X96.615 Y97.672 E7.57342

G1 X95.844 Y98.263 E7.60227

G1 X95.627 Y98.409 E7.61004

G1 X94.786 Y98.894 E7.63888

G1 X94.551 Y99.010 E7.64666

G1 X93.653 Y99.382 E7.67551

G1 X93.405 Y99.466 E7.68329

G1 X92.467 Y99.717 E7.71213

G1 X92.210 Y99.768 E7.71989

G1 X91.247 Y99.895 E7.74874

G1 X90.500 Y99.928 E7.77094

G1 X74.500 Y99.928 E8.24600

G1 X73.753 Y99.895 E8.26821

G1 X72.790 Y99.768 E8.29704

G1 X72.533 Y99.717 E8.30483

G1 X71.594 Y99.466 E8.33367

G1 X71.347 Y99.382 E8.34144

G1 X70.449 Y99.010 E8.37028

G1 X70.226 Y98.900 E8.37766

G1 X69.373 Y98.409 E8.40690

G1 X69.155 Y98.263 E8.41468

G1 X68.385 Y97.672 E8.44352

G1 X68.188 Y97.499 E8.45128

G1 X67.501 Y96.812 E8.48014

G1 X67.328 Y96.615 E8.48791

G1 X66.737 Y95.844 E8.51676

G1 X66.591 Y95.627 E8.52452

G1 X66.106 Y94.785 E8.55337

G1 X65.990 Y94.550 E8.56116

G1 X65.618 Y93.653 E8.58998

G1 X65.534 Y93.405 E8.59775

G1 X65.283 Y92.467 E8.62661

G1 X65.231 Y92.210 E8.63438

G1 X65.105 Y91.247 E8.66322

G1 X65.072 Y90.500 E8.68542

G1 X65.072 Y74.500 E9.16048

G1 X65.088 Y74.014 E9.17492

G1 X65.105 Y73.753 E9.18268

G1 X65.231 Y72.790 E9.21153

G1 X65.283 Y72.533 E9.21930

G1 X65.534 Y71.594 E9.24816

G1 X65.618 Y71.347 E9.25593

G1 X65.990 Y70.449 E9.28477

G1 X66.106 Y70.215 E9.29254

G1 X66.591 Y69.373 E9.32138

G1 X66.737 Y69.156 E9.32915

G1 X67.328 Y68.385 E9.35800

G1 X67.791 Y67.898 E9.37796

G1 X68.096 Y68.096 F7800.000

G1 X68.620 Y67.597 E9.39945 F600.000

; filament used = 45.8mm (0.1cm3)

; avoid_crossing_perimeters = 0

; bed_shape = 0x0,200x0,200x200,0x200

; bed_temperature = 0

; before_layer_gcode =

; bridge_acceleration = 0

; bridge_fan_speed = 100

; brim_width = 0

; complete_objects = 0

; cooling = 0

; default_acceleration = 0

; disable_fan_first_layers = 3

; duplicate_distance = 6

; end_gcode = M104 S0 ; turn off temperature\nG28 X0 ; home X axis\nM84 ; disable motors\n

; extruder_clearance_height = 20

; extruder_clearance_radius = 20

; extruder_offset = 0x0

; extrusion_axis = E

; extrusion_multiplier = 1

; fan_always_on = 1

; fan_below_layer_time = 60

; filament_colour = #FF8000

; filament_diameter = 1.75

; first_layer_acceleration = 0

; first_layer_bed_temperature = 0

; first_layer_extrusion_width = 200%

; first_layer_speed = 10

; first_layer_temperature = 205

; gcode_arcs = 0

; gcode_comments = 0

; gcode_flavor = reprap

; infill_acceleration = 0

; infill_first = 0

; layer_gcode =

; max_fan_speed = 100

; max_print_speed = 10

; max_volumetric_speed = 0

; min_fan_speed = 40

; min_print_speed = 10

; min_skirt_length = 0

; notes =

; nozzle_diameter = 0.5

; only_retract_when_crossing_perimeters = 1

; ooze_prevention = 0

; output_filename_format = [input_filename_base].gcode

; perimeter_acceleration = 0

; post_process =

; pressure_advance = 0

; resolution = 0

; retract_before_travel = 2

; retract_layer_change = 0

; retract_length = 2

; retract_length_toolchange = 10

; retract_lift = 0

; retract_restart_extra = 0

; retract_restart_extra_toolchange = 0

; retract_speed = 40

; skirt_distance = 6

; skirt_height = 1

; skirts = 5

; slowdown_below_layer_time = 5

; spiral_vase = 0

; standby_temperature_delta = -5

; start_gcode = G28 ; home all axes\nG1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle\n

; temperature = 205

; threads = 2

; toolchange_gcode =

; travel_speed = 130

; use_firmware_retraction = 0

; use_relative_e_distances = 0

; use_volumetric_e = 0

; vibration_limit = 0

; wipe = 0

; z_offset = 0

; dont_support_bridges = 1

; extrusion_width = 0

; first_layer_height = 0.2

; infill_only_where_needed = 0

; interface_shells = 0

; layer_height = 0.2

; raft_layers = 0

; seam_position = aligned

; support_material = 0

; support_material_angle = 0

; support_material_contact_distance = 0.2

; support_material_enforce_layers = 0

; support_material_extruder = 1

; support_material_extrusion_width = 0

; support_material_interface_extruder = 1

; support_material_interface_layers = 3

; support_material_interface_spacing = 0

; support_material_interface_speed = 100%

; support_material_pattern = pillars

; support_material_spacing = 2.5

; support_material_speed = 10

; support_material_threshold = 0

; xy_size_compensation = 0

; bottom_solid_layers = 0

; bridge_flow_ratio = 1

; bridge_speed = 60

; external_fill_pattern = rectilinear

; external_perimeter_extrusion_width = 0

; external_perimeter_speed = 50%

; external_perimeters_first = 0

; extra_perimeters = 1

; fill_angle = 45

; fill_density = 0%

; fill_pattern = honeycomb

; gap_fill_speed = 20

; infill_every_layers = 1

; infill_extruder = 1

; infill_extrusion_width = 0

; infill_overlap = 15%

; infill_speed = 80

; overhangs = 1

; perimeter_extruder = 1

; perimeter_extrusion_width = 0

; perimeter_speed = 10

; perimeters = 1

; small_perimeter_speed = 10

; solid_infill_below_area = 70

; solid_infill_every_layers = 0

; solid_infill_extruder = 1

; solid_infill_extrusion_width = 0

; solid_infill_speed = 20

; thin_walls = 1

; top_infill_extrusion_width = 0

; top_solid_infill_speed = 15

; top_solid_layers = 0

Update (03/22/2016)

Alright. I've not updated the firmware by following the walkthrough. Unfortunately the problem persists: I set the speed to 10 mm/s on all options and it still doesn't print slowly. Using Slic3r. I'd really like to print some things :(

Update (03/22/2016)

Does the same thing with CuraEngine slicer

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Oh, wow, these settings are very far from BoXZY specs. Is this on purpose? For normal PLA printing it would be very hard to have a successful print. Are you printing with PLA? If so, your print temperature is too high for typical hatchbox PLA in BoXZY. The biggest issue with print settings is the 0.5 nozzle diameter setting, this works best between 0.3mm and 0.4mm (nozzle is 0.4, but with 0.35 usually gives good results). If you did not intend to adjust your settings, please let @Justhelper know, he can provide you with the BoXZY factory settings.


The temperature is higher because that's what worked so far, I'm using inland pla. I set the speed so low to prove the point that even when it was set this low it was not obeying the speed input. The nozzle setting was a mistake, these were just calibration proof settings, so I didn't change the nozzle.

The main problem really is that the speed settings are not being obeyed.


I posted information for the speed issue in the thread regarding your laser question.


I looked at what was written and don't know how to use that to fix my predicament. I know the carriage can move slowly because manual gcode input shows that it can. However, interpretation of the gcode after it has been imported as a file results in speeds not listed in the code. No matter what speeds I set it to, it moves extremely fast.


Ok, I fully understand at this point, I'm very sorry I didn't catch on sooner. I will ask more questions in the future. I assumed you were trying to reach speeds below 1" per minute. This is definitely a gcode output error. Could you tell me what version of windows are you running and what country are you in? In the meantime could you provide me with a copy of the gcode output for the laser and 3d printer? You can save these in the window for editing gcode.

**Response copied from your other thread**


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Have you tried manually altering the G-code after slicing is complete?

Also try CuraEngine and play with settings shown here.

Good luck.

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Yep, I tried that. As long as the gcode was being read via complete code it was a problem. The same code fed line by line went fine. I'll have a look at CuraEngine too.


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Are you using Cura or Slic3r to slice your 3d printing files? Could you provide photos of the settings you are using? All of them if you can.

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