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The BoXZY Guides are new and improved! Please paste this URL into your browser to get to the new guides: You can also access the new guides by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the link below that says, "BoXZY Manual."

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Time To Consolidate These Issues?

Ok, firstly this is just my opinion. but it is where I find myself at this time.

I would like to thank Hadley and Just Helping for trying to sort out the many and varied problems, but problems there are.

I am finding that trying to locate my problems similar to those raised in various forums etc. and get an answer applicable to me is becoming increasingly fraught.

BoXZY was claimed to be an out of the box, working machine. So, why isn't it for many of us? What proportion of supporters has managed to use BoXZY without problems using the supplied firmware, software and guides etc?

Are J4 using the same incarnation of BoXZY that we have been supplied with? Same software, PSU, cables etc? Are they using cables with ferrites? If so, why supply us without? If not, why are we advised that we need to add them? Is it only us people that had to fork out for a power converter that are having issues, or is it across the board?

In videos, J4 only seem to use the levelling platform for 3D printing, but it now gets mentioned in the laser setup, so this will throw the focus out?

My bugbear of the x/y axis position is responded by J4 rotating their machine 90° CCW. So why not put the logo on the side, instead of the front (or both)? But I often see it used facing the 'correct' way in videos!

Now the guides. Please, please, please, tell me you have grabbed people off the street, sat them down with the guides and watched how they get on without any employee input? This should produce guides that anyone can use. Publish them ASAP. I don't care if there are spelling or punctuation errors (and normally I do), we just want gudes that work and are not ambiguous.

A cable clip for the 2 cables at the back should have been an obvious addition to stop the continuous bending at the plugs and snagging on the corner?

Can we have all this consolidated in one location with guides, software and mechanical issues with solutions where proven, whether it's a FAQ, or something else?

Sorry if some of these things seem trivial, but I have spent hours and days of wasted time trying to sort out problems with software and technology in the past, including input into a 3-axis co-ordinate measuring machine design and now that I am retired, every hour is valuable to me, so I don't have the energy, or time to waste any more!

We love the BoXZY concept, but just want to be able to use it. I'm not alone in this am I?

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Not alone. My enthusiasm has waned considerably.


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Of course you're not alone. These are reasonable points. But you're not being fair either. The BoXZY team is busting their butt getting these machines out to backers as fast as possible with a tight and stationary budget. Give them time to get the manuals fine tuned. Most Kickstarters never even deliver a product, much less one as serious as BoXZY, or they're years late on delivery. Some issues arise in production and become clear only after many people have used the machines in many different situations. This is a brand new product with brand new issues. Everyday is a discovery process for the machine itself and users, globally. This is to be expected with any Kickstarter project. The BoXZY team has done an amazing job of making the machine work for a very broad audience without a multi-million dollar design and testing budget. Backers are a part of the process of creating BoXZY in that they are the testers of a new technology to help guide it's future solutions. To answer your question, the majority of users are having success with the machine just as it is, USB cable, software and all. It's not fair to try to judge how severe issues are by looking in the places where people are discussing primarily the issues. Which of course is where you are because you, unfortunately, are one of them. And I'm sorry to hear that. However, I can help you. They can help you. If you believe the guide is faulty, help the team and your fellow users and post your solutions. Modify the instructions based on your findings; That's what this system is for. The fun here is in the discovery and problem solving, at least in my opinion. That's why I became a backer in the first place. That's why I joined Kickstarter.

I'd love to help you solve the issues you're having. Please post any technical question and I'll do my best to help you solve it as quickly as possible.

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Ok, I will not challenge some of your views, which I could, as I want to retain the BoXZY family spirit and fully appreciate J4's efforts, so I will try to suggest meaningful suggestions as I hopefully have in the past.

Would it not be helpful to supply us with a demo file for each of the attachments, complete with settings, that are known to work with BoXZY? This will eliminate user/novice error in using too large a print, incorrect settings, incorrect use of software etc. If the demo file is known to work, but doesn't on our BoXZY, this will surely rule out an infinite number of possible causes, which could be unique to each user? This will save you time having to try to find what each individual person is doing wrong, or can lead you directly to a mechanical/electronic solution. I feel this would be a good first port of call?



It has not been al smooth sailing for me, but I knew that I had a lot to learn. Yes I was not thrilled to not have a manual, but once the manual came out, I did not have a hard time following it.

There have been things that I did wrong, and yes there were some problems with the BoXZY, but there was nothing that I was not able to do that I have tried to do. The people here are really helpful and I have been happy being part of the community.

Stick around it will be worth it.



-Thank you Peter for having such a balanced attitude towards my response, and I totally agree with you. I'm definitely biased as I spend time in the shop, but that bias comes from seeing the effort and consideration being put into issues like this and many others. They are working on it, I can assure you.

-Ken that was put very well, the community that is coming together around BoXZY really is a good one. I'm proud to be a small part of it.


I've enjoyed fixing some of the issues with my machine, and I totally get where you're coming from in being frustrated by errors that are outside my knowledge. Thank goodness there's enough people with enough knowledge to work around a great many of these things.


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