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These guides and questions explain advanced milling topics. Make sure you've completed 2.3 CNC Milling with BoXZY before moving on to these guides.

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List of G-Codes supported by Boxzy

Need a list of G-Codes supported by Boxzy. Found that Boxzy does not support all G-Codes and some nuances such as spacing between coordinates. I find that I have to convert g-code to be Boxzy compatible and it would be helpful to know the supported g-codes in advance so as to avoid a lot of debugging.

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I examined the firmware code and provide List in the attached PDF document of the G-codes that appear to be processed in Commands.cpp.

The G-code web site at provides the command options.


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Can't download the pdf.


Having the same problem,


Okay, that worked, I downloaded it and then it opened just fine and printed.

Thank you!


Very nice, Thank you!


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Spaces are needed and G commands are required for every coordinate line.

L1-100 -> Laser power

X1-165 (also negative numbers) -> X coordinates

Y1-165 (also negative numbers) -> Y coordinates

Z1-165 (also negative numbers) -> Z coordinates

E1-XXX (also negative numbers) -> Filament extrusion distance

F1-XXX -> Feedrate for travel

Possible command line: G1 X10 Y10 Z-10.5 L50 E20 F200 (not that running the extruder while running the laser makes any sense)

Implemented Codes

G0 -> G1

G1 - Coordinated Movement X Y Z E

G2/G3 - Arc

G4 - Dwell S or P (not tested)

G20 - Units for G0/G1 are inches.

G21 - Units for G0/G1 are mm.

G28 - Home all axis or named axis.

G90 - Use absolute coordinates

G91 - Use relative coordinates

G92 - Set current position to coordinates given

RepRap M Codes

M104 S[targetTemperature] - Set extruder target temp

M105 - Read current temp

M106 S[Speed 0..255] - Fan on

M107 - Fan off

M109 - Wait for extruder current temp to reach target temp.

M112 - Emergency stop.

M114 - Display current position

M119 - Show end stop stats

Custom M Codes (not all are used with the current hardware setup, but it has control built in for these)

M80 - Turn on Power Supply

M20 - List SD card

M21 - Init SD card

M22 - Release SD card

M23 - Select SD file (M23 filename.g)

M24 - Start/resume SD print

M25 - Pause SD print

M26 - Set SD position in bytes (M26 S12345)

M27 - Report SD print status

M28 - Start SD write (M28 filename.g)

M29 - Stop SD write

M80 - Turn on power supply

M81 - Turn off power supply

M82 - Set E codes absolute (default)

M83 - Set E codes relative while in Absolute Coordinates (G90) mode

M84 - Disable steppers until next move, or use S to specify an inactivity timeout, after which the steppers will be disabled. S0 to disable the timeout.

M85 - Set inactivity shutdown timer with parameter S. To disable set zero (default)

M92 - Set axis_steps_per_unit - same syntax as G92

M115 - Capabilities string

M140 S[TargetTemperature] - Set bed target temp

M190 - Wait for bed current temp to reach target temp.

M201 - Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for print moves (M201 X1000 Y1000)

M202 - Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for travel moves (M202 X1000 Y1000)

M203 - Set temperture monitor to Sx

M204 X[Kp] Y[Ki] Z[Kd] - Set PID parameter. Values are 100*real value!

M205 - Output EEPROM settings

M206 - Set EEPROM value

M231 S[OPS_MODE] X[Min_Distance] Y[Retract] Z[Backslash] F[ReatrctMove] - Set OPS parameter

M232 - Read and reset max. advance values

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Sorry about that! Yes G2 and G3 are supported. The list on the answer below is correct, that's what I get for typing them out by hand.


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Yesterday I tried to laser cut an encoder disc. The g-code, produced by Fusion360 contains basically G2 and G3 commands, which give the same picture if I paste the gcode into .

But after loading in BoXZY and starting the print/laser cut the laser moves totally wrong and the picture in the left side 3D-display is totally wrong and way to big, despite I use mm, the thing is 20mm maximum and I've set the machine to mm with G21 in the very beginning.

This is as if G2 and G3 would not work correctly in BoXZY.

Ah, and I did a FW upgrade about 2 weeks ago. Whats going on here??

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Can you provide the full gcode file and screen shots from the interface of what you're describing? Does everything still work as it did when not using that specific file?


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