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This section is for questions and advanced guides for BoXZY's laser head.

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How to use scale in laser controls?

Other problems aside, I was curious to try out the scale setting with the laser cutter. I loaded an image, positioned it in the middle of the grid, and then proceeded to move the scale bar back and forth, but the size of the image did not change. A little confused, I next manually adjusted the mm/px setting, but no matter what value I entered the value immediately reverted to the standard 0.1 mm/px. Am I doing something wrong? Had anyone else tried to use the scale settings?

Block Image

I've added a picture of my settings, as you can see the scale is still 0.1 mm/px.

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I'd be really interested to see if all these issues disappeared after updating to Windows 8 or 10 and reinstalling the interface. As far as I can tell you shouldn't be having any issues scaling that image.


I really don't want to update to windows 10. Is that going to become a big issue?


I have windows 10 and I have the same problem.


I don't think so, no, but I'd be interested to see the result. I have no real concept of how they differ, I just hear more people with Windows 7 have issues. It could be my imagination.

Joe- you have the same issue with the scaling?

For both of you did Cura settings upload properly into the interface? I.E. were they BoXZY spec settings, or default Cura settings? You can usually tell based on Cura having 3mm filament diameter instead of the proper 1.75mm listed.


The default filament setting shows 3.00mm. What do I need to do?


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My solution on scaling:

Think in pixels as your unit of measurement

I was not able to scale large images down was my issue. After a call to BoXZY, I found out that the system works in pixels.

Using Corel Draw, I changed my units there in pixels. No problems since on predicting what I will have when opening the image in the BoXZY interface.

Formula to use:

Inches × DPI = Pixels

Use 250 DPI in your calculation here and don't forget that if you are dealing with metric (mm) values to divide those values by 25.4 before using the above formula.

As for inside BoXZY, you can scale up, not down below the .1mm scale in the dialog box.

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--accidental delete of comment, reposting--

Albert Fabregat wrote:

Thanks for this answer. It was very helpful.

The way I have real scale in boxzy interface and after I can zoom in (if you want) is to choose in Inskscape: Edit--> Preferences -->resolution for create bitmap copy to 254 dpi. Create the drawing and after export png at 254 dpi.

Since BoXZY Works at 0.1mm/px

DPI = 1px*25.4/0.1mm = 254DPI


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Are you having this issue with every photo you load? Or just this one?

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Interesting. I was about to type "every photo" and then loaded another photo and had the same issue. Than I tried one more photo (.jpeg this time) and it worked just fine. So, to update the issue, .png files do NOT scale, jpeg does.


That's great information, I'll get a bug report in to the team.


my jpegs will scale down but not up - (Win 10)


That's interesting. Mine only have the option to scale up. I think I'm better off scaling in other software and then importing.


Hi DB,

Yes, I would rather scale before importing, but I don't know what pixel/cm resolution to use to get the size correct at 100%. Add to that the fact that often the Boxzy interface doesn't even allow me to scale to 100%. I am mystified by the interface.




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