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These guides and questions explain advanced milling topics. Make sure you've completed 2.3 CNC Milling with BoXZY before moving on to these guides.

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Quick Start AutoDesk 360 CNC Tutorial?

Will BOXZY tell us how to use the CNC besides set-up?

I have had the BOXZY for a while now and have yet to (like many..many others) use the CNC. I am completely new to the CNC world. I have been requesting/expecting a CNC QuickStart when using the AutoDesk 360 to create proper GCODE for the machine. Walk us through creating a simple CNC project created in the supplied CAM software. I have been asking/ waiting for this tutorial for months and still nothing.

*/Little Rant /*

I honestly can't recommend this product to anyone until this happens. Especially post Kickstarter campaign. There are other more mature machines available.

*/End Rant /*

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I'd even like an example using a very simple flat-bed CNC-only program that can generate Gcode. I started out looking at Fusion 360 and decided it was too much of a pain to deal with. Once I get a workflow going with FreeCAD and some other open source apps, I'll start looking for a CNC solution.


Don't give up on Fusion 360. Watch Lars Christensen tutorials. They're very basic, but when he shows you how to do stuff it all seems quite simple. I'm still trying to get up the courage to try the CNC, but I've got some designs ready.


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They're gonna do you one better. Coming very soon..

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This was a few months ago now... is there a "one better" yet?? Care to elaborate?


They are working to create several different parts that you can create from beginning to end using the CAM in Fusion 360. They will be complete with the full instructions, steps to follow, materials needed, and examples of the finished parts they created. Guides will range from single endmill simple builds, to more complex multiple part assemblies with tool changes. They are doing a few at once, trying to make them as simple to follow along with as possible.

The team members working on them are also working to completely re-write the entire manual system, create new tech support solutions, find potential user issues, and redesign/implement the manufacturing methods in order to eliminate those issues. It's the start-up "each person has 5 jobs and every new task means even more necessary tasks are discovered" problem.

If you just want to getting milling quickly, they created this great guide for everyone:

[invalid guide link]


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