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Need help troubleshooting your BoXZY 3D Print Head? You're in the right place!

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Print head under extruding/clogging

Ok, so:

My BoXZY recently acquired the problem that the first 20mm or so of a print work great, then over the next 100mm the extrusion rate fades off to 0. When I open the extruder to look I have a giant candle like plug filling the entire extruder from the washer down (smaller if I kill the print right away, but still a glob of plastic right up against the extruder.

I am working with Hatchbox PLA and this started happening with settings that had been working fine before. When it started it also usually took a few hours of print time before jamming. Now its about 45 seconds, usually within the first layer. I have tried temperatures from 170C-130C with no change. Testing manually, if I keep extruding constantly at max speed it doesn't jam, but every time there is a change in direction or any other pause it starts to jam.

While I'm at it, I have also had trouble since starting months ago with my corners over extruding and my straightaways under extruding, any thoughts on either problem?

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The only theory I can come up with is that the nozzle may have worn enough that there's excess room internally, allowing the nozzle to back-flow liquid plastic under pressure (and possibly that's there's too much pressure at the nozzle from a partial clog which would increase or cause the effect).

Do you have a lot of printing hours on it? Have you ran any highly abrasive filament like carbon filament, or magnetic filament, etc? Have you verified your filament drive is working properly the entire time (spinning consistently)?

If it's a nozzle issue, the team can get you setup with a new one, or rebuild your canister for you.

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It has a few multi-day prints on it and a fair number of shorter prints. Probably between 150 and 200 hours. So far I have only printed in basic PLA, so no abrasion from there. If I manually feed filament the resulting strand is 0.6mm across, is that high?


I just measured mine, I get 0.50-0.54 with about 100 hours since new. So maybe a little high, but that could just be inaccuracy between our methods of measurement. 200 hours is supposedly nearing the end of the usable life for a J-head type nozzle. Though I managed much more out of my last one (I just changed the settings to a nozzle diameter of 0.41, 0.42 etc. in my printer and slicer settings as time went on). If you have both an internal size increase for the filament path and a reduced nozzle diameter because of a partial clog, increasing the size in the software will just make it worse. I'd try to clear the nozzle and increase the setting for nozzle diameter in both portions of the software. Worth a shot.


Any chance it's actually something to do with this?

06-15-16 EEPROM Fix to Stop Clogging Nozzles


I'd imagine its probably not the EPROM issues, its printed fine for about an entire spool before any issues came up. Even then, the problem came on slowly.

To replace the nozzle, can I just use the ones I get online or is teh BoXZY one custom? (ex: )


That's the wrong style, but there are options if you don't want to get another one from the BoXZY team. These are a good inexpensive replacement (It's a good price even as far as knock-offs are concerned):


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