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G2 and G3 commands not working

I noticed, that some of the milling paths are not correctly carried-out by the BoXZY. In the code example I observed that all G2 commands are done as too short straight lines and G3 commands are skipped at all.

Because Fusion360 does not automatically add laser control commands, one has to add them to the g-code.

Did I may be add these commands at wrong places in the code?

Then I used the milling path with the laser in order to test in advance if the tool will move correctly, because the repetier host does not corretly show it:


G0 X29.600 Y11.151 Z0.000

G1 X29.600 Y11.151 Z-0.841 F304.8 L100

G1 X29.014 Y11.151 Z-1.000 F304.8 L100

G1 X10.500 Y11.151 Z-1.000 F304.8 L100

G2 X10.500 Y12.581 Z-1.000 I0.000 J0.715 F304.8 L100 --> straight

G1 X30.447 Y12.581 Z-1.000 F304.8 L100

G3 X30.447 Y14.011 Z-1.000 I0.000 J0.715 F304.8 L100 --> nothing

G1 X10.500 Y14.011 Z-1.000 F304.8 L100


Checking the gcode with CAMotics gcode simulator shows no problems at all. G2 and G3 are half circles and connecting the lines, giving the wanted cut-out.

Where is a history about actual firmware and software versions and what sort of error curing they are supposed?

Is is worthwile to simply install all latest firmware and software? Thus also re-burning the Arduino EEPROM?

Update (07/19/2016)

Block Image

Output of CAMotics shows rounded connections between the straights.

Block Image

Laser does not do a half circle, but slanted straight and a "jump".

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Ahh, I didn't understand before you were trying to execute a G2/G3 on the laser specifically. The laser firmware doesn't currently have computation for power control on G2/G3 commands, and thus adding the commands will affect the curve. Curves for the laser must be executed as tiny G0/G1 line segments. Most CAM software gives you an option to process curves as G0/G1 as apposed to G2/G3 commands, you'll need to select the former. Your G2/G3 commands should work properly for 3 axis milling and 3d printing functionality.

Current latest firmware is offered in these instructions:

Updating Your Firmware

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Many thanks, 'Just Helping'! This one I didn't expect. Now it is clear for me why milling worked fine: Because there were no additional commands after the G2/G3. In another post of you I read that you would open a ticket or feature request, which IMHO would be forwarded directly to the programmers.

Is that something, what everyone could do? I'm validating software at work and thus I'm in steady contact with programmers. I would also love to look into the software of BoXZY and maybe also into the BoXZY.cps interface of Fusion360 and would maybe try to improve it. Could you point me to the webpage or procedure please?

The software to control the BoXZY from within Fusion is working for 3D-printing, but for milling and laser cutting it got clearly lots of possibilities for improvement.

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No Problem! Anyone can make a request for a change to any portion of the software, by asking me or emailing Info@BoXZY. For changes to Fusion, the team can contact Autodesk for any changes us users would like to see in the BoXZY.cps, but they don't have access to directly modify it. The firmware code can openly be modified and the actual code is provided in the "files" link that can be found inside the update instructions. The team actively seeks out software suggestions and user modifications, so if you have some or have made changes please share!


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