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X axis only moves one way

I just got a BoXZY second hand from a guy that bought it but said he never used it. Looking at it I believe him and he also said that he had a mac and it was harder to use with mac. It looks brand new and was still in the original packaging that didn't look like it was ever taken out of the box.

I'm having trouble with the movement of the X axis. When I first powered it up and clicked to X home posistion it moved forward and wouldn't stop. The microswitch doesn't feel right compared to the sharpness of the others but I ohmed it and it was ohming like the others were. After trying it the first time, I tried it again and hitting X home moved it to the back of the machine. I was able to laser etch the test file with no problems. I tried to run some etchings into cardboard as a test print and it would keep losing it's position. Now I'm back to the same thing, the X only moves forward even if I use the manual positioning in the BoXZY program. Any ideas?? I've checked the wiring and all seems well there. There is glue on them so I don't think it's the first generation glue problems that I've seen on here but don't know. The only date on the UPS shipping label I can find is 01/16 if that means anything.

Update (01/08/2017)


I've noticed that if I activate the X axis limit switch it will stop. It's clearly moving in the wrong direction. I've updated my Arduino software, installed the slicer files and still no change. It moves forward when I click either forward or backwards on the X axis.

Update (01/09/2017)

Confirmed it's not a motor problem by swapping x and y motors and still having the same thing happen. I took one of the small plug in boards (for the filament motor) and swapped it in place of the X axis motor. Now it's working. In the process the heat sync for the filament motor fell off so I put some thermal compound on it and hot glued it the the board. Are these available separately? Also what is their purpose? Is It just a coincidence that it started working after doing that?

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Congrats on getting a BoXZY! Most likely scenario is that the heatsink was sagging and shorting against the board or bumped and permently shorted the direction pin. It was very common on earlier machines after shipping shock.

Those little red boards are the motor drivers themselves. If you email they can provide any part you would like. Just send a picture, the request, and they will send a link.

As a note, the filament driver is adjusted to lower current than the XY and Z. The pot on the driver adjusts motor current.

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Thank you. All the pots on the boards point to the same place. I've contacted them about the boards but they are slow to respond. I ended up ordering 5 off of amazon. They look the same, we'll see. I'll have those Friday. Thanks again for the info.


Happy to help


You nailed it, when I removed the stepper drivers they were sagging bad. So I ended up replacing all of them in the end. I've got it running and think I'm close to having it figured out. Appreciate the help and wanted to follow up.


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Today I unpacked my boxzy and set it up as per the step by step instructions. Once I got to the Manual control section I began having a similar issue with the Y axis. I found this post then took off the back cover and checked the circuit board for bent pieces and incorrect wiring. I straightened a few bent pieces but the wires were all correct on the board. still no fix. I took it apart again to double check and as I was putting it back together noticed that the wires which had labels on them and were pre plugged in the back prior to shipping to me were reversed. I had plugged them in according to their labels correctly on the top of the boxzy but the they were reversed on the rear. I corrected the issue which corrected the malfunction.

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