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These manuals will walk you through the BoXZY experience, from the first un-boxing to using your device for the first time. Please follow each numbered manual in sequence so that you don't miss any crucial information. After you complete 1.3 Using Your BoXZY, you'll be able to move on to the 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, and CNC Milling manuals.

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Where to find G-code list?


Guides often mention G-codes.

- Is there a list of these codes somewhere?

- Are these proper to BoXZY?

- Or maybe it's useless?

Thank you!

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Hi Sylvain, hop you are having a great day. Here is what I found in my notes from interaction with BoXZY.

FYI: I haven't received my BoXZY yet and I have no idea how it works, but I am just trying to help the community using my notes. Hope this helps.

BoXZY: BoXZY also supports pure G-code and you can create a custom post processor! It supports arc interpolation, you can definitely control the direction of the cut.




My Question: Changing tools mid run: You mentioned: “You can certainly create files to change tools mid run, however, you are correct about needed a custom file to do this. To make things simpler, you could add a line of G-code for a pause when you'd want to change your tool and run the file from that line after you had completed the additional function and reset your 0 to the correct position using a simple G92 code.” Can you explain how I can “ADD A LINE OF G-CODE FOR A PAUSE”? Does BoXZY Axis - :) - you software - can do that? Thanks.

BoXZY’s Response: Hi Beezhan! Our interface has an editor that allows you to add any code you'd like to add to the files you've created! So yes, BoXZY "Axis" allows you to do this! 


Thank you all for the below answers, that's more clear to me now :-)


Come on guys … I am singularly not interested in a list of command some other printers may or may not support. I want the commands (and their semantics) which BoXZY supports. You must have such a list. Please publish it. Thanks.


I found this wiki to be helpful:

Notice the ones that are marked green for repetier. Also turning on the full commands in the boxzy software's log helps you uncover things that aren't listed in the link above. For instance, gcode M42 L50 turns the laser head on at 50% power.


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Credit goes to Ken G. from the kickstarter comments:

I hope that the BoXZY crew releases a list of all applicable commands that the BoXZY firmware recognizes, but this should hopefully get you some answers.

Ken G. 5 days ago


If anyone is curious about commands that the printer accepts, I think I found a great list:

Link text

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This is my favorite g-code list. Pretty comprehensive and includes explanations and examples.

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G-code commands are what drive BoXZY and other CNC devices. They are also used to set initial values in the firmware. While they are necessary for BoXZY to operate VERY rarely do they need to be manually entered. These commands are generated by the Repetier-Host software and are saved in a file each time you are printing/cutting/engraving.

It is possible to edit these commands, or enter commands manually but if entered incorrectly they can physically damage the BoXZY (crashed print heads, burnt out stepper motors etc). So unless you know exactly what you are doing, do NOT try to edit them. You can find videos or articles explaining what particular commands do with a Google search.

Hope this helps clear it up a bit!

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I do completely agree with you, GUBotDev, but at this very moment most of us BoXZY freshman have little to no clue how to get g-code into the BoXZY for milling and engraving. For 3D-printing it works IMHO, so so.

The g-code list would be one means to understand whats going on. Another important information for me would be how the g-code commands are interpreted. Only with this knowledge the g-code list is complete. I found that commands are not interpreted by the BoXZY in the order they are given. Some, as e.g. the laser power is stored and executed in a different way and without knowing how they are interpreted the risk for hardware damage is definitely higher.


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