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This section contains questions and topics related to troubleshooting BoXZY's CNC milling head.

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Linux CNC Plugin too

I run Linux, not windows, and although I do appreciate people wanting to help, at this point it is getting frustrating reading windows answers.

I am moving forward, I have written a python script g-code_player that talks to boxzy. It allows me to play a g-code file one line at a time, or hit r<return> to run the rest of the program. Not the nice model rendering commercial versions I've used. With single step, break point, debugging tools I'm used to in a coding environment. I have modeling soft ware I can run, and do run before I send the code to the milling machine.

That aside I have run into issues, and have things I'm planing on trying when single stepping thru my g-code program, I occasionally get a resend message not sure if it is being handled correctly, and info on serial protocol over USB would be helpful.

When single stepping thru my g-code program to mill out a pocket in my crucible board for the pcb I was planning on isolation milling on dimensions 100.5 mm, by 70.5 mm by 1.5 mm deep stepping 0.4 mm per pass down into the pocket using absolute coordinates, on the 3rd pass when it was supposed to plunge another 0.4 mm into the board, it did not, it completed one more pass with out removing any material, then on the last pass it removed 0.7 mm so the pocket depth was correct, but the dimensions were off 102 mm by 71.5 by 1.5 mm. Now maybe it is just the end mill and the soft MDF board, but if that was the case I would have expected equal errors, but the longer distance had the bigger error. in any case if this problem persists I can scale to compensate.

I noticed the Boxzy came with a 2.0 amp USB cable, now I know my laptop, isn't going to provide 2.0 amps, and there was no instructions to use a USB hub capable to provide 2.0 amps like I do for my raspberry PI's The arduino is powered from the USB connector, even when the power supply is off, not sure if it gets secondary power from the power supply or how that works, no schematic included. That might help on some of the comm problems I have experienced.

I have filament on order, different size collets to do PCB isolation milling with, and yes dust will be an issue too. I'll keep you posted, and any help ideas welcome, but keep in linux, or mechanical.

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It definitely sounds like you are having connection drop outs. Does this machine have ferrites on the main attachment cable, motors wires, and one on the Makita's cable? Is this in the US? Does the wire color chart for the "accessory input" on the main board match the image, or is it reversed? If the answer is Yes to all those, try running a wire from a bolt on the body to a true ground. BoXZY works best with a true ground and some plugs do not have it, especially internationally or when using a voltage converter. However, its a bad idea to do this until the wire colors on your machine match the chart (you can just de-pin and swap them if they do not).

On the upper right hand corner of the main control board there are jumper pins that allow you to power the arduino from main power instead of USB. Its labeled ARD_PWR (pins aren't visible in the image, there is a blue jumper on them).

If you put a jumper on them, it will not require the USB power source, just signal.

Block Image

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