linux pcb2gcode isolation milling gcode

pcb2gcode generates the following

G00 X0.16883 Y0.20917 ;( rapid move to begin. )


G01 Z-0.00197

G04 P0 ;( dwell for no time -- G64 should not smooth over this point )


G01 X0.16883 Y0.20917

X0.17183 Y0.20817

X0.17417 Y0.20700

X0.17517 Y0.20617

X0.17583 Y0.20600

X0.17600 Y0.20567

X0.17733 Y0.20500

X0.17767 Y0.20450

X0.17800 Y0.20450

X0.17833 Y0.20400

X0.17867 Y0.20400

It appears that boxzy ignores coordinates, and feeds, that are not part of a command, and hangs. So is there another pcb isolation milling software out there ? or do I have to write post processing code to prefix feeds and positions with the previous command ?

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You can try the site to generate Gcode. I did one, the gcode work on boxzy.




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