Are there any documentation on the usb serial interface

I have written a gboxy python script, ported all my code to python3, I can disassemble the code repetierHost, or the andriod boxzy program, short of doing that, documentation on the serial interface protocol would be saving me a lot of time.

gboxzy filters the gcode I get from other tools, drops commands that cause boxzy to puke. But as I get farther and farther in my work it takes longer to find the issue, then I'm guessing at how to fix it.

my gcode player allows me to single step thru my code, to find a lot of the initialization errors, but now the erros are getting deeper in the gcode scripts.

The gcode generated by pcb2gcode which take my kicad gerbers, and converts to isolation milling gcode, drilling gcode, and outline cut out gcode programs.

for instance sending a feed rate without a command returns the following

gStat: 'Error:Format error'

gcod_cls:gcSndOutLin unhandled gStat 'Error:Format error'

gStat: ''

gcod_cls:gcSndOutLin unhandled gStat ''

gStat: 'Resend:1'

gcod_cls:gcSndOutLin unhandled gStat 'Resend:1'

gStat: 'ok'

gcod_cls:gcSndOutLin unhandled gStat 'ok'

normal response is 'ok 0' I'm not sure what the numbers mean at end of strings

I know I need to modify the input gcode now, capture stand alone feedrates, and then apply them to following gcode command lines. I would like to know of any way to recover from these types of communications errors, short of power cycle, restart the program, reset up the original position of the equipment

my gcode_player once it detects an error, drops into single step mode, but I have no know commands to recover from where it goes wrong.

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