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Resources, questions, and answers, about the BoXZY Interface.

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NC/ GCode question for milling

I have used carbide copper to output gcode for milling pcb from an eagle cad drawing. It has everything in there and looks great in an nc viewer, but when I open in boxzy interface, only the plunge and retractions show up, all of the actual contours for milling are omitted. I am a complete novice when it comes to gcode and nc, but after looking at a gcode that works properly and comparing, I noticed that in a functional gcode, there is a "G01 " before each contour (i.e."G01 X3.123 Y4.512"), and in my carbide copper nc file, that G01 at the start of each line is omitted (i.e "X3.123 Y4.512") and when I manually enter that G01 at the start of each line, the contours begin to show up. So my question is this, is there an easy way to append that G01 to the start of each relevant line? My program is something like 8000 lines of code so going through line by line seems not only tedious, but prone to errors, not to mention if I need to re-output my program if I made things too tight or something the first time around.


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2 Answers

The X and Y on a line without a g-code command is called a modal command. G-Code interpreters are supposed to repeat the last movement command for these. (usuallyG01)

While this issue can be worked around with a text editor or script, it would be better for BoXZY/Repetier to fix the bug that is causing these valid G-Codes to be ignored.

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BoXZY and most desktop cnc machines, including 3d printers, use nonmodal commands to reduce use of the processor and allow you to stop and resume from any point in the gcode. With modal commands you cannot stop and start from any point, as you can on BoXZY.


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There is no valid reason modal commands should prevent stop/resume. All it needs is one variable added which contains the last movement token seen. Other g-code interpreters do this with no problems. This should be trivial to change for any competent prrogrammer with access the the interpreter source.

This needs to be fixed, or my only option is to teach the class I'm preparing on a different machine that is sitting next to our BoXZY.

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Unfortunately, Repetier does not consider this particular issue a bug:

However, if you are convinced it is a simple modification, BoXZY's firmware is open source, you can locate it here: Files

Alternatively, most post processors support BoXZY and Repetier's gcode needs. You can use: Autodesk, Solidworks, CNCweb, Vetric, Easel, MakerCAM or Carbide 3D; just to name the ones I can think of offhand. No 3d printer post processors that I know of will not work.


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