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  1. Go here: Click here for Fusion 360 Tutorials
    • Go here: Click here for Fusion 360 Tutorials

    • Access step-by-step, interactive Fusion 360 tutorials anytime by clicking the question mark on the top right hand corner of your interface. Click Step-by-step in the drop down menu and you're on your way to designing in CAD and CAM!

    • Once you've designed your part in Fusion 360 and chosen your tool paths, output your gcode in BoXZY.cps -Generic BoXZY (grbl). Happy milling!

    • When ready to make 3D print STL file in Fusion-360, select the object and then select 3D Print under the File menu. Edit the 3D Print options and output to the Print Studio. In Print Studio, resolve any Repair and Support issues and then select "Export as STL" under its File menu (as needed for the BoXZY inteface).

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