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This manual explains how to set up and use your BoXZY Smart Controller. The BoXZY Smart Controller is a touch screen device that we are currently beta testing. The Smart Controller is an optional accessory that can be used to run the BoXZY interface, operate BoXZY, and do some light file editing in browser-based applications such as Tinkercad and Easel. It is not intended to replace the full functionality of a normal laptop or desktop computer.

BoXZY Smart Controller Specs:

Processor: Baytrail 3736F, frequency = 1.83GHz, up to 2.16

LCD: 7” 1280x800


Storage: 32GB or 64GB

OS: Windows 8.1 with Bing + Android 4.4

WiFi: 2.4GHz, WiFi signal

Connection ports: HDMI 1.4; USB2.0

Bluetooth: 4.0

  1. 1: ON/OFF Button
    • 1: ON/OFF Button

    • 2: Volume toggle buttons

    • 3, 6: USB ports, for connecting peripherals

    • 4: Earphone jack

    • 5: Micro SD card slot (maximum size 64GB)

    • 7: HDMI port

    • 8: LAN port for internet cable

    • 9: DC 12V power supply jack

  2. Connect the 12V 2.4A charger to the DC jack (#9 in the diagram) on the back of the BoXZY Smart Controller and plug the charger into your power source.
    • Connect the 12V 2.4A charger to the DC jack (#9 in the diagram) on the back of the BoXZY Smart Controller and plug the charger into your power source.

    • Press the power button on the right side of the Smart Controller (#1 in the diagram) for a few seconds to turn it on.

    • Your Smart Controller must be connected to power at all times in order to run. If you unplug the charger from the Smart Controller, it will immediately shut off and any ongoing BoXZY jobs will be terminated immediately.

    • We recommend plugging your charger into a wall outlet instead of the outlets on your BoXZY Power Station. This will prevent you from losing access to the BoXZY interface if you have to use the physical e-stop on the BoXZY Power Station.

    • Once the Smart Controller has booted, swipe or click anywhere on the screen to access the user login screen.

    • Your pre-programmed user name is BoXZY User and the password is boxzy.

    • Your BoXZY Smart Controller comes pre-programmed with the BoXZY interface. Everything is set up under the BoXZY User administrator account, so we recommend using this account to operate BoXZY. After logging in, you can change your password under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.

    • After you log in, you can access the BoXZY interface on the desktop.

    • The BoXZY interface will function just as it does on any other computer. To connect BoXZY to the Smart Controller, just insert the USB cord that came with your BoXZY into one of the USB ports on the side or back of the Smart Controller (#3 or 6 in the "At a Glance" diagram in Steps 1 and 2).

    • You may have to play around with the window resizer inside the interface so you can see the controls clearly on a small screen.

    • If you'd like to use a larger screen or to demonstrate how to use the BoXZY interface in a classroom setting, it's easy to connect the BoXZY Smart Controller to a television screen, either by HDMI cable or by wireless connection.

    • To connect wirelessly, you must either have a Wi-Fi enabled Smart TV or some other way to connect to your home Wi-Fi network (e.g. - using Roku or another type of Wi-Fi transmitting device).

    • To connect via HDMI: Use an HDMI cable to connect your TV to the HDMI port on the back of the BoXZY Smart Controller (#7 in the "At a Glance" diagram from Steps 1 and 2).

      • From the Windows desktop, swipe from the far right side of the screen toward the screen's center. The “Action Center” menu will pop up. At the bottom of the Action Center menu, there is a grid of icons. Select “Project” with your finger or mouse, shown in the orange box in the first image.

      • Select your desired projection option from the Project menu, shown in the second image.

    • To connect via Wi-Fi: Select your desired projection option from the Project menu, then select the "Connect to a wireless display" link (indicated by the green box in the third image). The Smart Controller will search for nearby wireless display options to connect to.

    • NOTE: This device can also run Android OS. We have disabled the option to switch from Windows to Android OS upon startup, as you can’t run the BoXZY interface on Android OS.

    • If you’d like to play around in Android OS, you can manually switch by double-clicking the “WinToAnd” icon (indicated in red in the first image) on the desktop and selecting the “Switch to Android” option, shown in the second image.

    • To switch back from Android OS to Windows, swipe down on the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, select "OS Switch" (indicated in yellow in the third image).

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Badley Bratt - Reply

Ooo very exciting! Do you guys have any idea what this is going to cost/ when it will be ready to go on sale?

James Nutter - Reply

Hi James, thanks for your patience! This product is currently available and will be added to our online store very soon. If you'd like to purchase it in the meantime, you can email Mary at It retails at $250.

Badley Bratt -

It would be nice if the illustration showed what com each of the usb ports are.

Tim Wagner - Reply

What are the com #’s for each of the usb ports?

Tim Wagner - Reply

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