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Changes to 2.3 CNC Milling with BoXZY Introduction

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[ ]how-to
[ ]Milling with BoXZY
== By beginning this guide we assume you have read and understood the following guides and wiki. If you have not read them, please do so now. == [ … ] * * * * [ … ] The BoXZY Interface is intended for computers running Windows XP or later. Solutions for Mac users can be found [|here.] [ … ] '''READ BEFORE MILLING:''' Before and after every job, make sure you clean off any debris in and around the machine. Also be sure to wipe down your ballscrews with a clean rag after milling. [ … ] '''A NOTE ABOUT CONNECTING BOXZY’S CABLES:''' When plugging and unplugging BoXZY’s cables, including the Attachment Head and limit switch cables, the USB cord, and the power cord, use extreme caution. Any time you plug a cable into BoXZY, be sure that it’s clear of debris and squarely plugged in. Don’t put cables where they can be bumped into or can catch on something, as they can damage the machine. [ … ] Be aware of the Attachment Head and limit switch cables when using BoXZY. They can easily fall over and catch on one of BoXZY’s corners while in use. To avoid this, you can zip tie them together. There's also an even cooler solution: You can 3D print a cable guide for BoXZY [|here]. [ … ] '''NEED HELP?''' If you encounter any problems as you work through these guides, chances are that someone’s been there before. Check the [|Answers section] for previously asked questions. You can use the Dozuki search feature to search for topics like “clogged nozzle” or “Gcode.” [ … ] When you’re new to the interface, it’s really easy to accidentally change settings without realizing it. If you experience any undesired behavior, the best thing to do is close the interface. Sometimes if the interface has frozen, you have to disconnect the USB cord from the computer before restarting the interface. It will revert back to the correct settings as long as you didn’t save anything. [ … ] If you have any questions about using BoXZY as you work through the guides, you can send them to We’ll answer all questions as quickly as we can.
Time Required Min
20 minutes
Time Required Max
1 hour
[ ]This where you learn how to CNC mill using BoXZY's Milling Head.
Work Log Enabled
[ ]No


  • Safety glasses x1 added.
  • Metric Allen key set x1 added.
  • Caliper x1 added.
  • Clamps x1 added.
  • Sacrificial Board x1 added.
  • quarter inch milling bit x1 added.
  • Collet Reducer x1 added.