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[title] BasicsCreating a Shape in Easel
[title] BasicsCreating a Shape in Easel
[* red] You can import an SVG file to turn into G-code by selecting '''Import''', then '''SVG''', as indicated by the red arrows in the first picture. Then, select the SVG file you want to import.
[* red] You can also create shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and stars, as well as write text and import Easel icons, as shown by the red boxes in the second image.
[* green] Select the '''Circle''' and draw a circle using your mouse. You will then see a new tool open up, as indicated by the green box in the third image. This is the '''Depth of Cut''' tool. It allows you to set how deep you mill into your material.
[* icon_note] You can determine the dimension by sliding the bar or entering it manually at the bottom of the '''Depth of Cut''' tool.
[* black] '''Note:''' if you wish to cut through your material all the way, measure and set your depth of cut to be ''no more than 0.5 mm ''so that you can get the most out of your sacrificial cutting board.
[* orange] You can select where you'll cut relative to the shape, as indicated by the orange box in the third image. You can cut '''On the Path''', '''Outside''' of it, '''Inside''' of it, '''Outline''' it or '''Fill''' the entire area.