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[title] Generate Your G-Code
[title] Generate Your G-Code
[* red] '''Rename''' your file by selecting the '''Untitled''' file name, as indicated by the red square in the first image. Type in your '''New Project Title''' and select '''Rename''', as indicated by the red arrows in the image.
[* blue] Next, select your shape or SVG import file and then select '''Machine''', as indicated by the ''blue box ''in the second image.
[* blue] Select '''Advanced''' from the '''Machine Menu''', as indicated by the blue arrow in the second image.
[* blue] After selecting '''Advanced''', a new window will open where you will see your '''Safety Height''' and '''Step Over %''', indicated by the ''blue box'' in the third image.
[* icon_note] '''Safety Height''' is the retraction height of the bit when it moves between the toolpaths. You can adjust this to avoid clamps or differences in material height.
[* icon_note] '''Step Over % '''is the percentage of the bit diameter that actually cut the material. The smaller this value is, the less material you cut with each pass. This is used primarily in the '''Fill''' cut of a toolpath.
[* red] Select '''Generate G-Code,''' as indicated by the red box in the third image. The G-Code will begin process.
[* black] The '''Export G-Code''' button will reveal itself after you select '''Generate G-Code''', as indicated by the red arrow in the third image. Select it and a Save window will open. '''Save''' your file. It will be sent to your web browser download folder.