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[title] BoXZY Interface Installation: part 1
[* red] Download the '''updated''' BoXZY Interface at [|this link] by selecting the download button, as indicated by the'' red box ''in the image.
[* icon_reminder] '''DO NOT''' select the file, which takes you into the folder. Make sure to select the download button as indicated by the ''red box'' in the image.
[* black] '''Save''' the '''''' file to a new ''Desktop Folder'' and rename the folder '''BoXZY'''.
[* black] '''Unzip/Extract '''the file in the BoXZY folder that you just created on your Desktop. This will create a BoXZY1.2 folder inside the BoXZY folder. '''Open''' the BoXZY1.2 folder now.
[* green] ''Right click'' on the '''BoXZY Interface''' Icon and select '''create shortcut '''from the menu, as indicated by the ''red box ''in the image.
[* black] '''Move''' the ''BoXZY Interface Shortcut'' to your Desktop, by left clicking the icon and dragging it onto your desktop.

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