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[title] BoXZY Interface Installation: part 2
[* black] The '''BoXZY Interface''' integrates multiple programs to simplify the user experience of running all three functions. You will need to individually allow each of these programs to run on you computer, since this access isn't always automatically granted when programs are downloaded from the internet.
[* black] Go to your BoXZY desktop folder where you Unzipped/Extracted the file.
[* red] Open the '''plugin''' folder, as indicated by the red box in the image.
[* black] Open the '''BoXZY '''folder inside of the ''plugin folder''.
[* light_blue] ''Right Click'' on the '''BoXZY.dll''' file, as indicated by the blue box in the image and select '''Properties '''from the menu.
[* green] In the ''Properties'' menu at the '''Bottom''' you may see an '''Unblock ''' option, as indicated by the ''green box'' in the image. If you see the '''Unblock''' option, select the box so that a check mark appears. Click on '''apply''' and then click on '''OK'''.
[* black] If you do not see the '''Unblock''' option, your computer has already granted permission to the BoXZY Laser tab plugin.