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[title] Installing the BoXZY Interface: part 1
[* black] '''[|Download|Download the BoXZY Interface here!]'''
[* black] '''[|Download|Download the BoXZY Interface here!]'''
[* black] The BoXZY Interface is how you will control your BoXZY
[* icon_note] You must '''both''' ''download'' and ''use'' the BoXZY Interface as the System Administrator of your computer, or the BoXZY Interface will not populate with BoXZY's settings. Please follow these directions carefully
[* icon_caution] '''You must be logged in as the system administrator''' to use the BoXZY Interface
[* black] Locate the BoXZY Interface file you just downloaded, ''right click'' the file and select ''open''
[* black] Follow the installer prompts, do not change anything during the installation
[* black] Repetier-Server will request being installed after the BoXZY Interface has been installed. Select ok and continue to follow the Repetier-Server installation prompts