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[title] Installing the BoXZY Interface: Part 1
[* icon_note] The BoXZY Interface is how you will control your BoXZY
[* icon_caution] '''You must be logged into Windows as an administrator to download and ++use++ BoXZY Interface''', or the BoXZY Interface will not populate with BoXZY's settings. Please follow these directions carefully to install the Interface correctly
[* black] '''[|Download|Download the BoXZY Interface here!]'''
[* black] '''[|Download|Download the BoXZY Interface here!]'''
[* black] Locate the BoXZY Interface file you just downloaded. Right click on the file and select ''Open"
[* black] Follow the installer prompts. Do not change anything during the installation
[* black] Make sure to click ''allow'' when it asks if you want it to create a shortcut
[* icon_caution] You will be asked to install Repetier-Server after the BoXZY Interface has been installed. Exit the installation window for Repetier-Server. We '''DO NOT''' recommend setting it up unless you are very familiar with how network systems work.