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[title] Installing the BoXZY Interface: part 2
[* black] OpenIn your BoXZY Interface
[* black] OpenIn your BoXZY Interface
[* black] There will be a pre-loaded .stl file when you open the BoXZY Interface for the very first time, ignore this .stl for now
[* yellow] Select the '''Printer Settings''' button in your BoXZY Interface, as indicated by the ''yellow arrow''
[* black] Your '''Printer Settings''' window will open, select the '''Connection Tab''', as indicated by the ''orange arrow'', in the second image
[* green] Look at "Baud Rate" and if it doesn't say 115200--then, you will have to change it
[* light_blue] To change the Baud Rate, select the Baud Rate drop down menu and select 115200
[* black] Select "OK" to save
[* icon_note] The Printer Settings window contains critical software settings that allow your BoXZY to work. It is important that you do not change any other settings until you are an Expert BoXZY user