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[title] Controlling BoXZY with Gcode
[* black] '''Gcode''' is created by the ''Slicer'' you use for 3D printing or ''CAM software'' you use for Milling(such as Autodesk Fusion 360) but you are also able to enter Gcode commands manually
[* black] Select the ''X Limit switch button, the Y limit switch button ''then ''the Z limit switch button'' to move all 3 axis to their Origin
[* black] The BoXZY Gcode sender input line is denoted by the ''red box ''in the first image
[* green] Type the following into your Gcode sender line: '''G1 X80'''
[* green] To send this Gcode to BoXZY from the BoXZY Interface hit enter after typing the Gcode or select the '''Send''' button ''or'' press '''Enter'''
[* green] ''G1 X80'' will tell BoXZY to move the X axis to the position that is 80mm from the origin limit switch
[* black] If you want to move more than one axis at a time you can do so. One example is '''G1 X10 Y20 Z 30'''

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