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[title] G-Code Editor Loading/Saving
[* blue] The ''blue arrow '' in the first image denotes the '''Save''' button in your G-Code Editor
[* blue] Select the '''Save''' button and save the Gcode you input in the last step as '''Test.Square''' so you can return to it and examine the code at another time
[* red] The ''red arrow'' in the first image denotes the '''New Text''' button in your G-Code Editor
[* icon_note] Before you load a new file (for 3D printing, milling or laser etching) make sure you check that there is no Gcode in your G-Code Editor. Use the ''New Text'' button to clear out any code in your G-Code Editor
[* green] To load a new file select the '''Load''' button from the top left corner of your BoXZY Interface and locate the file