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[title] BoXZY and the BoXZY Interface
[* black] This guide assumes that your machine is powered on and ready to use as explained in step 3 of [guide|109|stepid=522].
[* black] In the BoXZY Interface click the red '''Connect''' button, located at the top left corner of the interface (as indicated by the red arrow in the first image for this step).
[* icon_note] You may hear a single "click" sound come from BoXZY. Do not be alarmed. This is typical. This sound is the motors receiving power.
[* green] After you click it, the '''Connect''' button will turn green and will read '''Disconnect''' underneath (as indicated by the green arrow in the second image for this step). You can only control BoXZY when this button is green.
[* icon_note] There are two basic parts of the BoXZY Interface: the left side of the window and the right side. On the left side is the 3D view window. On the right side are the settings and control menus. You can make either side larger by clicking and pulling the center line to one direction.
[* blue] On the right side of the BoXZY Interface select '''Manual Control''' from the row of settings and control tabs (as indicated by the blue arrow in the second image).
[* icon_note] The '''Manual Control Tab''' is the mission control center for directly moving and controlling your BoXZY Attachment Heads.