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[title] Leveling the Leveling Platform: part 1
[* icon_reminder] Before we can begin operating BoXZY, power up your BoXZY and connect to your BoXZY through the BoXZY Interface
[* black] The first step is to use an Allen Wrench to tighten the three (3) bolts on the Z axis mounted build plate all the way down, as seen in the first image
[* black] The second step is to remove the Platform from the bubble wrapped manila envelope and place the platform in the BoXZY so that the 3 magnets underneath the Leveling Platform line up with the 3 bolts on the Z axis mounted build plate, as seen in the second image
[* black] The next step is to use your Manual Control tab in the BoXZY Interface to send the X, Y and Z axis to their origin limit switches
[* black] If you do not remember how to do this refer back to our [guide|110|using your BoXZY] guide