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[title] Adjusting the Leveling Platform: part 1Preparing for leveling
[title] Adjusting the Leveling Platform: part 1Preparing for leveling
[* icon_caution] Always use the physical e-Stop to disable BoXZY before putting your hands inside the machine. Remember to re-apply power before using the machine.
[* icon_note] If you received your BoXZY before June 20th 2016 refer to steps 11 through 16 of [guide|9|this guide|stepid=42]
[* black] Place your platform in the BoXZY so that the 3 magnets underneath the Leveling Platform line up with the 3 bolts on the Milling Platform, as seen in the ''second'' and ''third'' images.
[* icon_caution] It is very important to place the platform firmly over the magnets each time you remove and re-install it. Verify it does not rock, even slightly, and use some pressure to make sure it is well seated
[* black] Open the Manual Control tab in the BoXZY Interface Home the X, Y and Z axis
[* black] If you do not remember how to do this refer back to our [guide|110|using your BoXZY] guide