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[title] Preparing for levelingLeveling
[title] Preparing for levelingLeveling
[* icon_caution] Always use the '''physical e-stop''' on the Power Station to disable BoXZY before putting your hands inside the machine. Remember to release the e-stop by twisting it to turn the power back on.
[* black] Place your Leveling Platform in BoXZY so that the 3 magnets on the underside line up with the 3 bolts on the Milling Platform, as seen in the second and third images.
[* icon_reminder] It is very important to reposition the platform magnets firmly over the bolt heads every time you take off the Leveling Platform. Verify it does not rock, even slightly. Use some pressure to make sure it is well-seated.
[* black] Open the Manual Control tab in the BoXZY Interface. Home the X, Y and Z axis.
[* black] If you do not remember how to do this, refer back to our [guide|110|Using Your BoXZY] guide.