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[title] AdjustingLeveling the Leveling Platform: part 21
[title] AdjustingLeveling the Leveling Platform: part 21
[* icon_note] BoXZY uses a ''3 point leveling method'' to make sure the nozzle moves perfectly parallel to the platform during X and Y movements. This is a ''very'' important initial setup step, it should very rarely need to be repeated
[* blue] Use the BoXZY Interface to '''move''' the BoXZY attachment mount to be above the middle bolt on the Leveling Platform at the back of the machine
[* icon_note] The Gcode that will position the BoXZY is: G1 X1 Y82.5
[* orange] '''Remove''' your ''3D Printing Head'' from the white box marked '''3D Printing''', use the handle at the top of the 3D Printing Head when handling the attachment
[* icon_reminder] The Leveling Procedure will ask you to use a Business card to level your platform. If this is your very first time leveling the platform follow the guide using a very thick, flat piece of cardboard in place of the business card. Then repeat the leveling process with the business card. This eliminate the risk of crashing your nozzle during leveling
[* black] Place a Business Card directly underneath the attachment mount on the Leveling Platform
[* red] Insert your 3D Printing Head into the attachment mount allowing the 3D Printing Nozzle to sit directly on top of the Business Card and lock your 3D Printing Head into the attachment
[* icon_caution] Always verify that your Z is at its home position before inserting the 3D print head. Otherwise scary noises and damage can occur. The Nozzle should be positioned in the attachment mount as it is seen in the second image for leveling