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[title] Leveling the Leveling Platform: part 32
[title] Leveling the Leveling Platform: part 32
[* green] While the 3D Printing Head is still locked into the mount ''pull ''the Business Card out from underneath the Nozzle. The Nozzle should create a ''slight'' mark on the Business Card. Label this mark '''"Back"'''
[* orange] Send your 3D Printing Head to the ''Front Left'' corner of your BoXZY. The Gode is: ''' G1 X165 Y1'''
[* yellow] Slide your Business Card under the Nozzle again. With a 3mm allen key wrench you will now adjust the the Bolt in that same corner to Raise or Lower the Leveling Platform so that the Business Card is just touching the Nozzle, this is seen in the first image
[* green] Slide the business card out from under the Nozzle adjusting the screw until you get a mark matching in depth to the first one. Label it '''"Left"'''
[* black] Repeat this step for the ''Front Right ''corner of your BoXZY: The Gcode is: '''G1 X165 Y165'''
[* icon_note] You will now have a Business Card with 3 marks made by the Nozzle at each point of leveling, ''the back'', the'' front left ''and the ''front right'', as seen in the second image
[* red] Return to the first step and repeat this process. It is important you complete this entire process a minimum of 2 times.
[* icon_reminder] You will need to remove the Leveling Platform and apply a printing surface (you cannot print directy on metal). We recommend masking tape or Kapton Tape. An example can be seen in the 3rd image. BuildTak is one purpose made option