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[title] Connecting your cables and checking your Filament Drive
[* icon_reminder] Measure Twice, Cut Once. It is always safe to double check your measurements
[* icon_reminder] Repeat the last step of this guide by positioning the 3D Printing Head above each Bolt and sliding an unmarked Business Card under the Nozzle in each location and examine their uniformity again, adjust the bolts if necessary.New line.
[* violet] Connect your rapid swap cable to your 3D Printing Head, as seen in the first image
[* black] Next you will become familiar with your Filament Drive, this is an integral component of the 3D Printing process, the Filament Drive can be seen in the second image
[* blue] Insert a piece of paper between the Filament Bearing and the Filament Drive Gear.
[* orange] Adjust the Filament Drive Lever tension bolt, shown in the third image, so that the piece of paper between the Filament Bearing and Filament Drive Gear is tight but may be pulled out without tearing
[* icon_note] Become familiar with the Filament Drive, you will be tweaking the tension of the Lever from time to time