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[title] Checking yourYour Filament Drive
[title] Checking yourYour Filament Drive
[* black] Next, let's get familiar with the Filament Drive, an integral component of the 3D Printing process. The Filament Drive can be seen in the first image.
[* blue] Verify the spring has not cocked to one side and is straight as shown by the blue arrow in the second image. Now look at the first image. Insert a piece of paper between the Filament Bearing (the part to the right of the blue arrow in the first image) and the Filament Drive Gear (the part to the left of blue arrow).
[* violet] Push up on the Filament Drive Lever (shown by the pink arrow in the first image) to widen the gap between the Filament Gear and Filament Bearing.
[* orange] Adjust the Filament Drive Lever Tension Bolt, shown by the orange arrow in the third image, so that the piece of paper between the Filament Bearing and Filament Drive Gear is tight but may be pulled out without tearing.
[* icon_caution] Be careful not to unscrew the Tension Bolt too far or the nut will come off the bolt and the spring will come off!
[* icon_reminder] From time to time when you're 3D printing, you'll need to clean plastic out of the Filament Drive Gear's teeth. You can use a piece of dental floss for this.