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[title] Pre Print Setup
[* black] With your Extruder still heated to 200 degrees from the last step of this guide pull the Filament out of the Filament Tube and Extruder. Pull it the entire way out and turn your Extruder OFF
[* black] Cut the end of your Filament and straighten 3 Inches of the Filament on the Filament Roll
[* green] Insert the Filament Tube into the Filament Drive Nozzle, this is seen in the second image
[* black] Insert the Filament into the Filament Drive system, through the Filament Drive Gear and into the Filament Tube. Push the Filament the entire way into the 3D Printing Head, until you cannot push it further
[* black] Double Check that your Filament Roll is able to rotate freely and unravel the Filament as the Filament Drive pull Filament from it

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