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[title] Pre Print Setup
[* violet] With your Extruder still hot pull the filament completely out of the filament tube. Turn your Extruder Heater OFF. Always verify the heater is off when finished. Leaving the extruder heated in the manual control window without extruding for extended periods will over bake the plastic and lead to clogging.
[* black] Cut the melted end of your filament and straighten the first 3 Inches again.
[* green] Insert the Filament Tube into the tube quick release fitting, this is seen in the second image. Pull up to verify it locked in place. If it becomes unlocked during a print the printer will not be able to extrude
[* icon_note] Whenever you go to remove this tube, push both the tube and the quick release fitting downward. Then ''tightly'' holding the top of the fitting ''all the way ''down and pull upward on the tube
[* blue] As you see in the 3rd imge, insert the filament upwards through the Filament Drive and on through the filament tube. Push it the entire way into the 3D Printing Head, until you cannot push it further. This is where the straightness of the initial filament really matters
[* black] Double Check that any Filament Roll is able to rotate freely and unravel the Filament as the Filament Drive pulls Filament from it
[* black] Re-heat the extruder to 210C and use the manual control buttons to extrude 100mm of filament so that you are sure the filament has made it all the way to the nozzle. Turn it back off once finished.