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[title] Load and Print a Test Print
[* icon_note] Before we get into "slicing" within the BoXZY Interface, we want to test that the physical machine is functioning properly as a unit. We will do this by running a pre-sliced print file.
[* icon_reminder] The 3D Printing Head should still be installed from the leveling process. Any time you remove the 3D Printing Head, you must home the Z axis '''without''' an Attachment Head installed '''before''' you reinstall one. When you reinstall the 3D Printing Head, place a business card between the nozzle and the platform before clamping it in place.
[* icon_note] The gap the business card creates when it's removed is your first layer printing height. You can use shims of varying thickness in place of the business card for fine tuning. '''This must be done over any tape or printing surface.''' The current settings are for the thickness of the card when the nozzle creates a light groove.
[* black] Download the test print G-code at [|this|this link].
[* black] Download the test print G-code at [|this|this link].
[* red] In the BoXZY Interface, load the G-code by selecting the '''Load''' button (indicated by the red arrow in the second image) and locate the test print that you just downloaded.
[* blue] Select the '''Start Print''' button (indicated by the blue arrow in the second image) and watch it print!
[* icon_note] The printer will home itself, then take about 3 minutes to heat up before resuming the print.
[* black] If the object looks as represented on-screen in the second image, you've just completed your first successful print!