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[title] Plugging in the 3D Printing Attachment
[* red] Your BoXZY is always ready for Milling when there is no attachment ''plugged in.'' In this state the temperature should read '''-27C'''. Please verify this by looking at the temperature reading in the manual control tab as shown with the ''red arrow'' in the first image.
[* blue] There is a'' log'' at the bottom of the screen that is visible when you select '''Toggle Log'''. If it is not visible, click the button as shown with the blue arrow in the 3rd image to select it
[* violet] Plug the cable into the 3D printer attachment, as seen in the second image.
[* icon_note] This is the connection you should use to plug in or disconnect your attachments. Place the cable out the way but leave it connected to the machine otherwise.
[* black] The log should indicate "3D printer head detected" when you plug in the 3D printer attachment. If you missed it, watch it as you disconnect and reconnect the harness. The temperature should now show between 20-30C if the nozzle is at room temperature
[* icon_caution] Never unplug the harness while the 3D Printer Attachment is heating, or the fan is running.