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[title] Loading your design, Slicing, Printing
[* icon_reminder] Now that everything is setup, verified and tested you will only have to follow these steps to print with BoXZY when you so desire:
[* black] Insert Filament
[* black] Home the Z then insert your 3D Printing Attachment over a business card. Make sure your platform tape is under the business card. Lock the clamp and remove the business card. (You do not need to repeat this process between prints unless you loosen or remove the attachment). Make sure your platform has a printing surface and nothing else on it
[* orange] Click '''"Load"''' to load your STL 3D file. Search '''' if you would like to find one, or design your own in Fusion 360.
[* blue] ''After'' selecting your preferred slicer and settings, click the '''"Slice with"''' button and allow it to complete
[* violet] Once complete the slicer will automatically load the new Gcode script into the G-code editor and show you a 3D preview. Just press '''"Start Print"''', wait for it to heat up, and watch it print!
[* icon_reminder] If you have any issues with print quality, you can find some great problem solving resources [guide|130|Here]