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[title] Loading your 3D file
[* yellow] Click the '''Load button''', circled in yellow, to load your 3D file. ''Your file should be a .STL file type. ''Most CAD programs will allow you to save or export as this file type
[* violet] Use the '''Center Object''' button if you want the object to move into the center of the platform (purple arrow). The screen being a digital representation of BoXZY print area
[* orange] You can '''Scale''' your 3D file inside the window as well if it is too big or too small shown by the orange arrow
[* blue] You can '''Rotate''' the object in any dimension on the platform. Use the rotate functions shown by the blue arrow.
[* icon_reminder] A 3D file may have been saved or exported in inches versus millimeters. Make sure you select which one based on the file you're loading as shown in the second photo.

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